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Why We Can Buy Your Fort Worth Texas House As Is!

Why We Can Buy Your Fort Worth Texas House As Is!

As we are all aware, the economy has slowed and many people are facing difficulty when trying to sell their house. There are fewer buyers in the market and less people can qualify for a loan due to the credit crunch. Not to fear, investors are still buying houses in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, including Hurst, North Richland Hills, Keller, Saginaw, Lake Worth, White Settlement, Watauga, Benbrook, Haltom City, and River Oaks.

1. We can buy your house in Fort Worth as is because we have the capital.

Due to the current credit market, many buyers are unable to obtain loans and many investors have found themselves with depleted lines of credit that were once bountiful and easily extended. Prior to, if a line was depleted with one bank investors could simply establish a line with a new bank. This is no longer an option as banking institutions have minimized and canceled credit lines. Thankfully, if you want to sell your house in Fort Worth Texas, we still have adequate capital and therefore do not need to rely on banks for loans or lines of credit.

2. We can buy your house in Fort Worth as is because we know the local market.

If you need to sell a house fast in Fort Worth we can help because we reside in the local market, just a phone call away. With years of experience in and around Tarrant County it doesn't take us long to determine the value of the home you need to sell fast. Since we live in the area we can get to you quickly to see the house. Once back at our office they can review comparable sales and estimate repair costs easily as we are familiar with the area and the cost of materials. An offer can usually be formulated within hours.

3. We can buy your house in Fort Worth as is because we can easily handle repairs.

Repairs are something that can prohibit you from selling a house. Items as simple as paint and carpet can take time, energy, and money. Money that a seller may not want or have to spend. Certainly items such as foundation repairs, plumbing issues, long-time roof leaks, or termites can dissuade even the handiest of sellers from doing repairs or going through the trouble of having them done by an expensive contractor. It is uncomfortable living in a house that is undergoing renovations, which is something we don't have to deal with because we do not plan to move into the house. We generally have seen and done the repairs before, know what will be involved, and have the crews in place to do them.

These are just a few of the reasons why we can buy houses as is in Fort Worth Texas, and the Tarrant County area. For every situation that is difficult and stressful to one person, there is someone that has a solution and is ready for a challenge.

If you have a house in Fort Worth that you need to sell fast, call 817-271-6370 or visit

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