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How I Was Able To Sell My Fort Worth Texas House Fast!

How I Was Able To Sell My Fort Worth Texas House Fast!

The house purchase came as a single man looking for an investment. After getting married, we lived in the house in Fort Worth until I was transferred to Florida for work. Wanting to keep my investment I decided to rent the house out for the extra income knowing that the house would be paid off in another 11 years as the original note was for 15 years. The first tenants moved out and repairs were made in hopes of finding new tenants. My wife's parents said they would like to rent the house so we let them move in to it.

Things were fine for a while as the rent was paid on time each month. Then the rent began to come in late, then not at all. My wife tried calling and talking to them. After a while the conversations became angry with my wife's family screaming at her over the phone. We continued to make the house payments until our savings were exhausted. It was a delicate situation the prospect of evicting my in-laws. Before I knew it we were six months behind on payments. This house was becoming a nightmare. I needed to sell my Fort Worth Texas house fast so I wouldn't lose it to foreclosure.

At this point my in-laws new that I was planning to sell the house but they were still living there for free so they had no immediate complaints. After calling a few investment companies I found through various methods, a couple of them called me back. We set up a time for them to go and see the house. Once they had seen the property they informed me that there were many adults living in the house and it was in terrible condition. We learned that my wife's siblings had moved in along with some of their friends. People were even living in the shop building in the back that had no bathroom or kitchen. As we suspected, it appeared that they were using drugs as well.

No one that saw the house was willing to help. Then we got a letter from They claimed that they could buy our Fort Worth Texas house fast. We filled out a information sheet online and John Pribble called us. We informed him of all that we knew and he said he could possibly help. After he viewed the property he confirmed that many people occupied the property, none of which seemed to have jobs, and that the house was in poor condition. But, he did have interest in the house. At this point I asked him if it would be possible to sell the house without me having to evict my in-laws. To my surprise the answer was yes!

They were extremely professional and handled everything long distance via email, phone, and fax. They handled all issues with the title company and we closed on the house quickly. Perhaps most importantly they helped me by handling the delicate situation of having to evict my in-laws.

I later checked back with them to see how everything went and to thank them again. John informed me that my in-laws stayed until the constable showed up to remove them from the premises and that they had stolen all the copper plumbing and most of the wiring out of the house. I'm so glad I contacted them and got this trying situation behind me.

If you have a unwanted Fort Worth Texas house, or even Tarrant County, call 817-271-6370 or visit and complete the online questionnaire. I was able to sell my Fort Worth Texas home fast and you can too!

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